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Coming Soon: Features under development

At LeagueJam we are constantly working to improve our product and we'd like to hear your suggestions. Below are a few features we are actively working on:

League Specific Contact Information (DONE)

Now you can add multiple contacts. So, if you have several people running multiple leagues, all their information will be available under your Contact link.

League Forms (DONE)

Leagues have all sorts of registration, waivers, and other forms that players need to access. These are now easily downloadable by players.

Gallery (DONE)

Players would love to see themselves in action, so a gallery is a great way to keep people coming back to the site.

Venue Maps and Directions (DONE)

We have tied maps of venues along with directions into your site so you won't have to answer emails and phone calls about how to get to fields.

Custom Standings (DONE)

Different leagues can have different point values for wins, losses, ties... and even overtime wins and losses. This needs to be something you can customize for each league. We're working on it!

Player and Team Registration(DONE)

Online registration encourages early registration, saves you time and paperwork, and makes accounting easy. We hope you like it!

Custom Playoff Formats

Over the years we have seen all sorts of playoff scenarios. These aren't always displayed well in the top-down format we use now. If you have any requests or suggestions, let us know.

Scheduling Tools

We all know that scheduling can be a nightmare, with late nights and many broken pencils. Fortunately we now have the power of the computer to help us. Scheduling is something we are particularly excited about so expect to see something in the near future.

Tournament-style Formats

Many people who run leagues also host tournaments, so we are trying to develop an easy way to host them too.

Player and Team Mailing List

Once we set up the registration system you will have all your player information available in LeagueJam. That means you can target certain groups for emails. Say you've made a change to the schedule, but you only need to inform two teams, you could send them personal emails.

Schedule Updates

At first glance it is hard to know if there have been any major changes to a schedule. That's why we are going to include icons to indicate if matches have been changed in the last 24hours or the last week so players can quickly see if they need to confirm the dates of matches.

RSS Feeds for News and Schedule Changes

By making News accessible by RSS people will be able to keep track of the feeds without always going to the website. They can access it on their cellphone or personal home page.

Let us know if there is anything we've missed!

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